Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's Make a Deal-Prize Delivery

The other night, out of the blue, I got a call from Heather at Let's Make a Deal. Apparently they want to deliver my TV that I won. She said that they were closing the warehouse and were going to deliver the TV but the other prizes that I won would be delivered once our show aired. Of course I was so excited! I'm getting my TV, ha ha as I danced around the house. Finally reaping some reward for our appearance as contestants on that damn show! It's been what 5 months!! Yeah, but would they really air our show? Heather assured me that it would air in season one. I ask her when is the season over with then? June she replies. I'm guessing with the move to Los Angeles, tapings are falling behind for this season and they will have to air some of the earlier shows which includes ours. Yipee is all I can say for that, because if they hadn't moved from Las Vegas, I might not have gotten anything, so the move from Las Vegas was a good thing right? Donna's disappointed because she was trying to get on the show again because she wasn't really a contestant, just my side kick. Myself, I'm SOL, I will have to wait another 3 years to be eligible, thems the rules.

They told me they would be delivering the TV between the hours of 10-2. By one o'clock still no delivery. Then a call, Travis said they were having some sort of trouble. What could it be? Were they going to renege on giving me my TV? Finally after some kind of scrambling on their part they finally delivered the TV. Now mind you I wasn't home, so my husband accepted the TV. He called me and praised how nice they were, young kids, he said. Said that they told him the show was moving, because they couldn't make the show work here. Which was true, Donna told me they had a hard time filling the audience for the tapings. When I came home, the TV box was in the middle of the living room. I suspiciously spied duct tape on the box. Humm, looked opened and used. When I looked in the box, the TV was sloppily inside without the original packing. What?@! Was that a used TV? Did I just win a used TV? Hey what kind of show is this? When someone wins a car, is it a used car? I'm yelling at this point. How could they give a used prize. I bet all the scrambling before the delivery was probably because they couldn't find the remote for the TV. It was really insulting that Let's Make a Deal could deliver a prize that had been used on the show. The box was marked Show 1001, Act 4. The taping I went to was Show 1011, so obvious, this TV was the display model they used on the set. What a disappointment. Not only did we suffer the disappointment of our show not airing in a timely manner, now they do the low class thing and give away prizes that have been used. And I am supposed to pay taxes on a used prize? Very disappointing! That same night, Heather calls again, this time she says they have my PS3 and will deliver it later that evening. Of course I didn't want to be rude about the TV I had received that was in less than new condition, but told her that the TV was used. Her reply was that they checked it out to make sure it was in good condition. Yeah, but I didn't know when I won the prizes, that they were going to be used goods (I'm thinking). Of course this isn't her fault, so I didn't rant on like usually do, I was getting my PS3 (whatever that is?). All I could think of I wonder if that's going to be used to?

Travis, (he's a cutie) quietly knocks on the door, it's 9:30 by now and hands over the PS3. I say my thank yous and go back inside. Madison runs down stairs (since she has laid claim to it) and we look over the box. Humm, well, it looks like it hasn't been opened. I know what was happening. The people at Let's Make a Deal are moving to Los Angeles, and in order to move less, they got rid of their stuff here. On the one hand, at least I got some of my stuff but on the other hand, it has been a mix bag.

Being picked as a contestant, getting lucky and actually winning was thrilling, not showing our show, a total disappointment, and finally getting some of the prizes only to get used goods, totally horrible. LMAD, not a class act. They acted more like thugs that stole hot merchandise and were getting rid of it on the sly. Don't get me wrong, the TV looks good in my media niche, even if it does have a few scratches in it and appears to work just fine, but it's the principle of the whole thing, you expect when you win something that it's new and unused, but the whole thing was just a total misrepresentation and that's the real deal.


  1. My friend and I were on Let's a Make a Deal in Las Vegas back in January of 2010. My friend won a TV and some other media thing. They aired the show, but never sent her the prize and have not responded to her calls or emails. It was extremely disappointing. The whole show is misleading and it's not worth being an audience member having to go through a 5 hour security and pre-screen ordeal for a one hour show.

  2. Try calling Three Doors Production Company-they are the ones responsible for the prizes. I don't have the number, but the girl's name is Shannon and I still think she works for LMAD. Also try reading the forum on the LMAD website, you might be able to get some help there. Sorry about that, I know how frustrating it is, in fact I just had the TV I won repaired, because it was obiviously used when they sent it to us. Totally wrong the whole deal!